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12 Days of Christmas - Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we'd give you some helpful holiday marketing tips in the lead up to the big day.

1. Add Christmas flair to your marketing materials

By simply changing the colours of your brochures, social media images and website you can create a more Christmas-y feel, just be sure that any changes do not negatively influence brand recognition.

2. Entice your customers to buy from you

Entice customers to buy from you over your competitors by offering a bonus gift for purchases made over Christmas, for example an exclusive discount or a sample of a new product. This will show your customers that you appreciate their support while encouraging them to continue to support you.

3. Partner with another small business

Offer bundled deals with other businesses that are complimentary to your own to effectively promote each other and encourage customers to support both businesses, in turn creating more exposure for both businesses. For example, a hair salon and a nail salon may partner up to offer a bundle over Christmas for treatments and both salons.

4. Impulse buys

If you’re a product-based business with a bricks and mortar store, place impulse buys strategically around your store, for example wrapping paper or lower priced gift ideas for Secret Santa gift exchanges near your pay points.

5. Host a local charity drive

If budget and resources permit, host a local charity drive. Identify a cause or local charity whose values and mission align with your company’s and your audiences and work out a way you could help them, it may be by hosting a food drive or donating a percentage of your sales during a specific period of time. This works particularly well for location-based businesses as it will show your followers that you are giving back to the community you operate in.

6. Create Christmas themed videos

Create helpful Christmas themed videos, if you’re a product based business, choose an item that you sell that is a difficult size or shape to wrap and show you’re followers how to wrap it with ease, you’ll be providing a helpful tip as well as subtly promoting your product.

7. Run a Christmas themed competition

This can help drive brand awareness for prospective new customers, while also retaining the loyalty of existing customers. If your main goal of your Christmas competition is to increase your brand awareness, reward followers for sharing your page or post, if you want to increase sales on a certain product or attract new customers, use your competition as an incentive to buy now by offering discounts or bonus offers related to sales.

8. Share Christmas themed updates

For example, if you’re a café or restaurant, why not share your chef’s favourite Christmas recipe? Or if you’re in the health and fitness industry, a post about how to stay fit and healthy over the Christmas period.

9. Share retrospectives

The lead up to the end of the year is a great time to share retrospectives, hair dressers might decide to share the most popular hairstyles or colours of 2020, or a product based business might like to share their most popular products of the year.

10. Boxing Day Sales

Don’t forget about Boxing Day – Australians spent over $2.6 billion on Boxing Day sales alone in 2019 (according to Continue your sales and promotions past Christmas Day for maximum results.

11. Reflect and plan

The Christmas period is a great time to reflect on the year that’s just been and start planning the year ahead. Connect with your customers during the festive period to find out more about how their year was and what their needs might be in the new year so that you can plan to fulfill those needs. You could find out more by sending out a quick survey via email and offering discounts or rewards to those who complete the survey.

12. Reward loyal customers

Stay top of mind with your loyal customers by giving out Christmas cards or gifts, a small gesture can go a long way when it comes to boosting your customer’s brand loyalty.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at Social Bay Creative.

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