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7 Ways to Increase Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook marketing can seem difficult at times, unfortunately Facebook's algorithm restricts organic reach which means that when you post something to your business page, there is a high possibility that it wont reach many of your followers.

There are some ways to increase your reach on Facebook without resorting to paid advertising.

1. Quality over quantity

The way that Facebook's algorithm works is that if you post something that doesn't get much engagement, the next time you post, that post will have even less reach. The way around this is to post more quality content, content that will encourage your followers to engage with your post - the more followers who engage with your post, the more people that will keep seeing them.

Live videos tend to get more reach, so one way of boosting your engagement is by posting a live video. Memes also tend to get more engagement on Facebook, but if you share a meme you want to focus on encouraging people to comment on the post, not just like or share it.

2. Constantly review your insights

Facebook gives you a lot of information specific to your followers habits, the best times of day to post to reach your followers and what regions your followers are in, to name just a few. Use this information to target your posts so that you are reaching those who are interested in a certain topic or type of content, this will help you to maintain a high engagement rate.

3. Engage with other brands and influencers within your niche

Keep an eye on these pages, see what their followers engage with and what they don't as this will give you a good idea of what your target audience wants to see. You can also interact with these pages as your business to increase your exposure to a relevant audience.

4. Optimise your timing

Timing of posts on Facebook is everything. You can't just post at any time of the day and expect maximum engagement. Your insights will tell you the best time of day to post based on your followers activity, you want to post not only when your followers are online but also at a time when there is not too much similar content being published. This will mean less competition for your content to be seen.

5. Use Facebook Messenger

Rather than using Facebook messages to direct people to your website or somewhere off Facebook, try directing them to a recent post. This could result in a higher engagement rate on that post.

6. Be consistent and provide value

Don't just post about things that you like, post what your audience likes and wants to hear. You can work out what they want to hear about by checking old posts for those that were most popular, or by simply asking your audience if there is anything in particular they'd like to learn more about.

7. Encourage engagement

You can't just put up a post and ask for comments, Facebook will know that you're trying to manipulate the algorithm and wont put the post in front of many people. Facebook doesn't want just a 'yes' or 'no' answer as a comment, they want longer, more specific answers, so ask your followers more specific questions.

Be sure to always respond to each comment you get. By asking another question in that comment you can encourage more conversation, which could possibly increase your engagement rate, resulting in more people seeing and interacting with your post.

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