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How to Optimise Your Instagram Business Profile

While Instagram Stories, Highlights and Reels are all popular at the moment, your Instagram profile still remains a vital information source for your businesses.

To help you make a strong first impression when people land on your Instagram profile, we’ve put together some useful tips to help you build and optimise an Instagram profile for business.


Make sure your @username is recognisable and searchable. Ideally, you’ll use your business name but if your business name is already taken, try using your business name as the first part of your username, then adding something to the end (your location for example), so that people who are searching for your account will be more likely to find you.

Profile Picture

Choose a relevant, high quality profile picture that reflects your branding. If you are a brand or company, your logo is a good option as it is instantly recognisable and allows you to stay consistent across all of your social media channels.

If you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, blogger, or simply the face of your company, a photo of yourself that communicates who you are and what you do is a good option.

Bio Description

That small area underneath your username is super important, it needs to be well planned out and exciting as it is the area that people will quickly scan when they land on your profile, helping them to decide whether or not to follow you.

With a maximum of 150 characters, an effective bio will have a brief, straight to the point, description of your brand and what your business does.

Don’t be afraid to use icons, emojis or hashtags in your bio to make it stand out from your competitors.

Include a Link in Your Bio

Instagram gives you the option to include a link in your bio so you should definitely do this. A link in your bio is an effective way to promote your products or services and, used correctly, can help to:

  • Direct followers to your other social media platforms

  • Promote a sale or upcoming discount

  • Send people to a popular blog post on your website

  • Draw attention to a product launch

  • Increase downloads of a new e-book or online resource

  • Send people to a landing page or lead magnet

  • Encourage engagement and loyalty among your customers

Call to Action

The last sentence of your Instagram bio should be crafted as an enticing Call to Action (CTA), making it clear to your visitors that you want them to click on the link in your profile and encouraging them to do so.

Your CTA can be used to prompt your audience to buy your product, visit your website or get in touch with you.

Be mindful not to confuse your profile visitors with more than one CTA though - a confused mind will always say no!


Instagram is all about engagement. To ensure that you’re seeing all comments, likes and shares as they happen, allowing you to respond as soon as possible, make sure your notification settings are enabled.

To do this, open up your options menu from the top right-hand corner of your profile and go to ‘Settings’. Clicking on ‘Notifications’ will bring up your ‘Push Notifications’ menu where you can go through and select to receive notifications ‘From Everyone’ on comments.

If you’re just starting out, you might like to receive notifications when someone likes your post as well so that you can check out their profile and build a relationship with them.

Instagram Story Highlights

The Instagram Story Highlights feature allows you to pin Instagram Stories to your Instagram profile. You can use your Highlights in a similar way to how you’d use different pages on a website. Promote to, educate and engage your followers by showcasing the most important parts of your business, whether that be your products, services, business tools, resources, tips and tricks or pricing, the options are endless.

Need help optimising your Instagram Business Profile?

Get in touch with Social Bay Creative for a chat today.

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